RIASEC - Interestcompass

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Karriereverktøy Here is based on RIASEC interestcompass

Many opportunities

Throughout your life you will have to make many career choices. In Norway, there are over 7,100 educations and over 6,500 job titles. There is so much that most people get overwhelmed and choose what is known or choose what someone they know has chosen. Many later regret their automatic career choices.

Get an overview

In order to get an overview of all these opportunities without being overwhelmed and to select what is relevant to you, use the RIASEC interest compass in Career Tools to get an overview of which areas of interest exist in society, which areas of interest you have interests in and explore which concrete professions and educations you find in the various areas of interest.

Choose your areas of interest -RIASEC code and choose professions and educations

The way you use RIASEC is to choose the three areas of interest that are most relevant to you, the ones you want to focus on, the ones you want to go for. It is called a RIASEC code. If you choose, for example, R-Practical, I-Theoretical and S-Social, the RIASEC code becomes RIS. Then you explore which specific occupations and educations exist in the areas of interest you have selected, select occupations and educations that may be relevant for you and explore and learn about them. And finally, you don’t have to deal with an overwhelming number of professions and educations, but can distinguish those you are interested in and come up with new ideas for what you choose without being overwhelmed.

A career choice is about what you will choose for some time to come – and coping with change

During your life you will probably come across many of these areas of interest. Because your life situation changes, your interests change, what motivates you changes, the job market changes, you find love on the other side of the country, technology changes, your health changes, etc. A career choice is not about what you will stay, but which area of ​​interest you want to pursue, focus on, educate yourself in and look for jobs in – for a while to come. RIASEC is the most important and simplest system available in career guidance for getting an overview of the career opportunities in society and exploring your own interests, getting a language for them and coping with change and development. Watch the youtube video below  to learn more: